Welcome to Pole Power Fitness

Pole Fitness is a fun and exciting form of exercise that can be enjoyed by anyone at any fitness level.

Pole Power Fitness located in Phoenix, AZ offers beginner through to advanced pole fitness classes, private lessons and pole parties.  Nobody is born knowing how to pole; we all start as a beginner! Pole Power Fitness will show you how to perform an infinite variety of spins, climbs, static poses and inverts. We will also show you how to combine what you have learned into choreographed routines. We will help you to build the strength and flexibility you need to execute tricks and spins with poise and elegance. From beginner through to advanced we can help you achieve your goals, whether they are fitness related, to learn a new skill, advance your pole dancing skills, to simply have fun or to learn a new dance routine. Whatever your reason may be, Pole Power Fitness is an excellent way to get fit, feel good and have fun!